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We’re leaving for NY for a few days. Some really exciting projects on the works and we’re meeting with some pretty important people in the modern design/art world. Wish I could talk more about it! Stay tuned…

 I love NY. The energy, the hustle and bustle, the people, the food. We always make sure we stay at “Boutique” hotels when we travel. Last time it was the QT hotel this time we’re going to try out Time Hotel. Unfortunately, Night Hotel was sold out. This is the best time of the year to visit the Big Apple.

Things on our to-do list after we take care of business:

-Meet with Geoff (our affiliate manager)
-Visit the WIRED store
-Hang out in Soho and Chelsea
-Visit the new Puma Store
-Check out the MoMA

I’ll make sure I post some pics over the next few days.

What’s your favorite place or thing to do in NY? I want to hear your ideas…

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What does a DNA 11 Glowframe portrait, a Dolce & Gabbana Motorola Razr, and a Virgin Galactic suborbital flight have in common? They were all named The Ultimate Holiday Luxury Gifts by CNET. In total, 15  brands were selected this year and the list also included Lexus, Bang & Olufsen, Panasonic, and Lamborghini. I like to call our art affordable luxury.

Our art starts at just $190 for a fingerprint portrait and makes the perfect gift. We’ll be updating the site next week with a special section for gift giving. Basically you give our kit (which comes in a metal gift box) and the recipient takes it from there. It includes everything needed to get started all the recipient needs to do is pick the color they want.

Click here to see the CNET review and video

Looking for corporate art? Create a photo canvas for your office: Visit our sister site CanvasPop.