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Posted in DNA Art in the News, DNA11 Art News by Adrian on June 30th, 2011

If you follow our Facebook or Twitter accounts you may have already heard (we’re pretty excited), but if not the above video says it all…we were on Conan last night!

DNA 11 has received a lot of high profile attention in the media but it’s always extra awesome when it’s someone like Conan who we’re all HUGE fans of around here.

Conan’s guest on the show was Elijah Wood, a great friend of DNA 11, and the topic of his DNA portrait came up.

While we can assure everyone that Elijah is an original, we can’t vouch for Conan (maybe NBC really did get him).

If that doesn’t make sense, watch the full interview clip here:

We’re with CoCo!

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Posted in Custom Installation by Adrian on June 17th, 2011

custom color genetic portrait

Want a genetic portrait but don’t see anything in our 25 custom color combinations that you like?

Don’t worry we’re not insulted, we are always thrilled to work on custom color combinations for our clients.

Whether you want to match your couch, a designer area rug or even the color of your favorite accent piece we can help.

Above is a shot of a custom color DNA splitscreen portrait we made for a client to match a particular Pantone swatch.

Have a custom color in mind? Let us know, we’d love to help!

Posted in Art+Science by Adrian on June 10th, 2011

Music Note DNA

Is there music in your blood? Well if you listen close enough there might be.

Recently I came across a really cool project by Brooklyn resident Greg Lukianoff called the Genetic Music Project.

The Genetic Music Project takes the A’s, G’s, C’s and T’s of your genetic makeup and converts them into musical notes to create a unique song from your DNA.

The basic premise involves taking small snippets of genetic code and assigning each nucleotide a musical note to create interesting little songs.

Because genetic sequences are so huge, the songs created so far are all based on small sections of genetic code, called genetic markers, that represent certain genetic traits or disorders such as Baldness, Schizophrenia and Alcohol Dependence.

The one that speaks to me the most is my nighttime nemesis — Restless Leg Syndrome.

Check them out at

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