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Posted in Inspiration, International, Just Cool by Courtney on January 31st, 2013

Now this is an example of  ingenuity at it’s finest! Viennese artist Andreas Franke has recently unveiled his photo project, The Sinking World, in an underwater art gallery. The exhibition is dubbed the Stavronikita Project, and will take place on the deck of the sunken SS Stavronikita, right off the coast of Barbados. We’re absolutely blown away by this mix of innovation and unique art. Via You the Designer:

In his most notable project called “The Sinking World, Andreas Franke brings a strange, forgotten underwater world back to life by capturing some stills of sunken ships, then recreated what life could have been like aboard the ship with real actors. The amazing images are displayed on the deck of the shipwrecks where divers and art lovers can see his underwater gallery.

He has created two projects so far in The Sinking World series. The first one was The Vandenberg Project, featuring a gallery of surreal photographs of the sunken ship off the coast of Florida and combined the stills with images of staged actors representing everyday life, thus, creating a re-imagined and forgotten world of the sunken giant.

Another set of his Sinking World was The Stavronikita Project featuring a gallery staging the European era, the age of decadence with all its intoxicating extravagance and vanity, on the deck of the sunken ship of the same name right off the Caribbean island of Barbados.

The Stavronikita Project, underwater on SS Stavronikita, will run until April 2013.

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We’ve recently been hearing some very big, and very interesting news out of the DNA world! Researchers have claimed to have found a more efficient alternative to storing information on a computer hard drive — rather they are suggesting they have the capabilities to replace the hard drive with DNA. Via Engadget:

We’ve seen scientists experiment with DNA as a storage medium — most recently with a Harvard team fitting 704TB of data onto a single gram of the genetic material — and it looks like that research trend is only picking up. Scientists at the European Bioinformatics Institute in the UK have encoded an MP3 file — along with a digital photo and all 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets — into DNA, with a hulking storage density of 2.2 petabytes per gram. The information was written using the language of DNA’s four bases (A, T, C and G, if you remember high-school bio), and to provide error correction the scientists reserved one of the letters to break up long runs of any of the other three bases. In practice, this system allowed for 100-percent accuracy in sequencing and retrieving the encoded files. Though DNA storage is still quite expensive, the researchers say this method could eventually provide a viable option for archiving information, especially considering DNA’s high capacity and long life span. Still, you won’t be ditching that hard drive just yet.

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Photo credit: The Telegraph


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UPDATE: Congratulations to Brian L. from Florida! He is the winner of our DNA 11 Valentine Contest. 

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with an amazing giveaway? In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re giving our fans the chance to win a $250 DNA 11 gift voucher. Entering is easy — simply visit our Facebook page, show us some love, and enter in your contact details. Don’t forget to share your entry on Facebook, and Twitter with friends and family to receive extra submissions.

Contest Rules
Winners must be residents of the contiguous United States or Canada.
Entries must be received by 11:59 PST on January 21, 2013.
We will contact the winner via e-mail on January 22, 2013.

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This installation may be art + science at it’s finest! We’re amazed at how innovative, and unique this idea is — to see it in person would be truly thrilling. These photos were created by Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde, and are a part of his Nimbus series. Here’s some more information behind the photos, via Colossal:

Smilde’s methods … are less mythic and more practical, instead relying on delicate balance of smoke, moisture and light. Of course science alone doesn’t account for the striking visual impact contained in each image, as the artist carefully selects the perfect location for the creation of each cloud and then painstakingly lights it from behind for the desired effect. Via email Smilde tells me that it can take quite a while to get all of the elements in place for each cloud and that the installation is so fleeting, the use of photography is critical in capturing the split second where everything becomes perfect.

Smilde has three upcoming exhibitions this year including Ronchini Gallery in London from January 16 through February 16, the SFAC Galleries in San Francisco from February through April, and at Land of Tomorrow in Louisville, Kentucky also from February through April.

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