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Posted in Art+Science by Adrian on June 10th, 2011

Music Note DNA

Is there music in your blood? Well if you listen close enough there might be.

Recently I came across a really cool project by Brooklyn resident Greg Lukianoff called the Genetic Music Project.

The Genetic Music Project takes the A’s, G’s, C’s and T’s of your genetic makeup and converts them into musical notes to create a unique song from your DNA.

The basic premise involves taking small snippets of genetic code and assigning each nucleotide a musical note to create interesting little songs.

Because genetic sequences are so huge, the songs created so far are all based on small sections of genetic code, called genetic markers, that represent certain genetic traits or disorders such as Baldness, Schizophrenia and Alcohol Dependence.

The one that speaks to me the most is my nighttime nemesis — Restless Leg Syndrome.

Check them out at

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Posted in Art+Science by Adrian on March 10th, 2011


I came across this very cool Movie Bar Code art on Twitter, the above image is the movie Inception, with a twist.

Unfortunately there is no indication who the artist is but what they do it take all the frames of a particular movie and compress them into one big print that acts as a kind of film DNA.

What I found most interesting was comparing the various films to see which ones had the most color, there’s a lot of black and brown in movies apparently. Not surprisingly Bambi was one of the most colorful while The Matrix is notable for how you can pick out the scenes where they are in the system (The Wachowski brothers used a green filter on scenes where the characters are in the artificial world of The Matrix).

This particular Tumblr blog was only started in February so keep checking back to see which films they feature next.

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Posted in Art+Science by Adrian on March 4th, 2011

What could be more scientific (and fun!) than blowing things up? London artist Alexandre Farto takes the science of explosions to the next level by creating some amazing precision explosive wall murals.

Boom goes the dynamite – murals made with precision explosives via Hack a Day

[Alexandre Farto] is known for some off the wall art displays, but his newest work takes the phrase literally. Using precisely placed explosive charges, he has been sculpting portraits and other murals on walls in various places around London.

The detail at which he is able to produce these images is incredible, considering he is blowing chunks of plaster and brick from walls to form them. We can only guess as to how much preparation time is required to finish even one of these images, let alone to amass the stunning portfolio he has put together.

The embedded video above is a collaboration between Farto and musician Orelha Negra and proves that science can be both fun and beautiful. Check out more of Farto’s work at

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Posted in Art+Science by Adrian on February 21st, 2011

Blood Wars

The video game industry is going wild with motion sensors and controllers that allow you to use your body more directly in the game but nothing quite like this:

White blood cells pitted against each other in ‘Blood Wars’ via Olivia Solon, WIRED UK.

Blood Wars is an art-science installation that will pit white blood cells from two different people against each other in a “tournament” that aims to see which person has the strongest immune system.

The exhibit by artist Kathy High takes white blood cells from two combatants, dyes them different colors, places them in a Petri dish and films them under a microscope to observe their interactions.

The piece is part of an exhibition sponsored by research laboratory SymbioticA and Dublin’s Science Gallery, called Visceral.

What a cool combination of art, science and blood sports.

You can check out video of the “matches” at the Blood Wars website and may the best leukocyte win.

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