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Posted in Corporate art, featured client by Adrian on September 20th, 2010
DNA corporate art installation

DNA 11’s unique corporate art has adorned some prominent walls around the world but never before has it actually been the entire wall!

Last summer, Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California, came to DNA 11 with a unique corporate art concept, to create an entire wall of DNA art using the advanced techniques that DNA 11 has been hanging on walls for years.

This time the canvas was four large walls in the brand new 180,000-square-foot Health Education Center which would be plastered floor-to-ceiling with larger-than-life DNA renderings from four of the university’s top community and board representatives.

This unique corporate art installation required some creative problem solving as DNA 11 worked directly with Western University to ensure that the digital images created from the sequenced DNA would appear vivid and clear at large sizes once it was blown up to ten feet tall.

DNA 11 designer Melissa Edwards worked closely with the University to develop a custom colour palette for this unique corporate art project and came up with a vibrant combination of bright greens and blues to make the installation come to life.

Working with Western University of Health Sciences, DNA 11 was able to break the boundaries of the typical canvas and adorn unique walls on each of the four storeys of the Health Education Center with DNA art from each of the four donors.

The project wrapped up recently with DNA 11 supplying four unique plaques to adorn each wall DNA art installation.

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