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Posted in DNA Ancestry, Just Cool, Science by Courtney on September 14th, 2012

We dug up this excellent infographic via Online Education and had to share. Does anything surprise you?

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Posted in DNA Ancestry, Inspirational Design of the Week by Courtney on May 1st, 2012

Just when you thought keys were a mundane morsel of your everyday life, this tiny treasure turns things around. Sure, you could say “it’s just a key”—but the new Keybrid Carabiner Key finally adds additional functionality to the hunk of metal we carry around with us. Via Uncrate:

Need to hook your house key to something other than a keyring? Grab yourself a Keybrid Carabiner Key ($TBA). This unique item is completely functional, letting you clip it onto shoelaces, belt loops, and a whole host of other loop-like stuff, in addition to keychains and keyrings. Arrives blank, so plan on making a trip to the hardware store before use.

The key’s creators, Amron Experimental, have a host of other innovative products, ranging from functional to fun.

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Posted in DNA Ancestry, Just Cool by Courtney on January 26th, 2012

Are you curious about your roots? Check out these OkayAfrica videos to see how knowing their ancestry impacted members of The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest.

The Roots’ Questlove’s maternal lineage points to Sierra Leone, while Black Thought’s ancestry stems from the Mandinka Tribe, whose rich oral history was passed down by singers.

Q-Tip’s tribal ancestry links to Djola, a tribe who made a musical instrument similar to the banjo—which created Blues, which influenced music and lead to hip-hop—forever changing the modern music scene.

Showcase your own roots by adding a DNA Ancestry Signature to your DNA Portrait—it’s a scannable barcode “signature” that crosses over from physical to digital to trace your maternal lineage. The barcode is placed at the bottom right of your portrait in a color that compliments your DNA art.

Get 15% off + free shipping on any DNA 11 order with code VALENTINE15 (valid until Jan. 29).

Videos from OkayAfricaTV, in partnership with AfricanAncestry.
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Posted in DNA Ancestry, gift ideas by Courtney on December 6th, 2011

Do you want to give truly personalized and unique gifts for the holidays? DNA 11 makes it fun and effortless. When you order a DNA Portrait, DNA Mini Portrait, Fingerprint Portrait, KISS Portrait or Ancestry Portrait as a gift, we’ll send you a slender gift kit with a DNA gift card, instructions, collection kit and everything else they need to get started.

DNA Portrait
Give the world’s most personalized art on canvas! They’ll be amazed at the transformation of their DNA into art and will love the limitless style, color and size options. It’s the perfect gift for individuals, couples and families who already have everything.


Fingerprint Portrait
No two people have the same thumbprint, so why have the same piece of art? Give a DNA 11 Fingerprint Portrait as a stunning testament to their individuality. Available in an almost limitless range of styles, colors and sizes, these tremendously unique portraits make bold art statements for anyone on your list.


Kiss Portrait
A kiss is more than just a kiss! With a DNA 11 KISS Portrait, her lips will become fine art. We’ll send you a collection kit to put under the tree, then she’ll capture her kiss and choose the combination of color, style and size that suits her personality and décor.



Ancestry Portrait
The perfect gift for an information addict or history buff, our Ancestry Portraits encode genetic lineage into one-of-a-kind canvas art. The recipient’s maternal lineage—dating back more than 20,000 years—will be unlocked and transformed into a scannable barcode that links to a personal ancestral page.

DNA Mini Portrait
A compact version of our larger works, the DNA Mini Portrait measures 8″x10″ (20 cm x 25 cm) and is a custom giclee print protected by a glare-resistant glass frame with stainless steel accents. It can easily be displayed on a shelf, desktop or wall, so it’s also perfect for corporate gifting.

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Posted in DNA Ancestry, DNA Art in the News by Adrian on March 29th, 2011

Unplggd DNA11 Review

Apartment Therapy’s technology-focused sub-brand Unplggd has a great review of the DNA Ancestry Portrait on their blog today.

Blogger Joelle Alcaidinho, whose family didn’t have great ancestry records, found out a lot about her maternal lineage through DNA 11’s DNA Ancestry Portrait, and has a pretty cool piece of art to show off in the process.

QR Tag & DNA: DNA 11 Ancestry Portraits via Apartment Therapy – Unplggd

If you are looking for a piece of art that is unique and a bit geeky, the Ancestry Portrait is just the thing.

The DNA Ancestry Portrait received a Strong Recommend rating in the review which continues the momentum that this ground-breaking product is having on the overlapping worlds of art, design, science and technology.

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Posted in DNA Ancestry, new product by Adrian on November 18th, 2010

Karim Rashid's DNA Ancestry PortraitThe secret is finally revealed!

DNA 11 has unveiled its first new product in two years — the DNA Ancestry Portrait.

Today at the WIRED Store in Manhattan, DNA 11 will be premiering this unique new form of art from life by unveiling the portrait of world-renowned designer and futurist, Karim Rashid, whom TIME Magazine declared the “Most Famous Industrial Designer in All the Americas”. His DNA Ancestry Portrait is featured in the photo to the left.

DNA Ancestry Portraits combine the science of genealogy and the technology of the mobile and social web to create a new form of augmented art.

The DNA Ancestry Portrait encodes a person’s DNA into a 2D barcode that when scanned with a smartphone unlocks the person’s lineage and leads them to a web page where their maternal ancestry, dating back thousands of years to the original homo sapiens in Africa, is unveiled.

The basis of the art piece is a DNA test that determines your maternal mtDNA haplogroup which is essentially your ancestral origins dating back

DNA Ancestry Portrait - Orange/grey

thousands of years. That data is then plugged into a formula that generates a QR Code that you see in the artwork. When scanned by a smartphone or cameraphone, your DNA Ancestry Portrait will bring you to your personalized ancestry page.

Your DNA Ancestry web page contains a personalized description of your mtDNA haplogroup and its origins, an ancestry map and a thumbnail of

your DNA Ancestry Portrait. You can choose to keep this page private or share it with friends through Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to learn more about the scientific process behind DNA Ancestry Portraits check out the product page and download the product booklet (pdf).

Check out the product introduction video below for more information or your can check out our press release.

Looking for corporate art? Create a photo canvas for your office: Visit our sister site CanvasPop.