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Valentine's Kiss Print

We’re thrilled to be featured on the Today Show for their Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas show! DNA Portraits, Fingerprint Portraits and, of course, Kiss Portraits are all great Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

We also have gift certificates available, so that your special someone can create their own masterpiece.

Valentine's DNA Portrait

Valentines Finger Print

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Happy DNA Day! Today celebrates the successful completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the discovery of DNA’s double helix by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953. It’s a day for commemorating all things DNA, so we we’re sharing a behind-the-scenes look at how we turn your DNA into art, via CNN Money.

You can save 20% and get free shipping today through Sunday! Enter code DNADAY2012 and create your very own DNA, Fingerprint or Kiss Portrait!

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If you follow our Facebook or Twitter accounts you may have already heard (we’re pretty excited), but if not the above video says it all…we were on Conan last night!

DNA 11 has received a lot of high profile attention in the media but it’s always extra awesome when it’s someone like Conan who we’re all HUGE fans of around here.

Conan’s guest on the show was Elijah Wood, a great friend of DNA 11, and the topic of his DNA portrait came up.

While we can assure everyone that Elijah is an original, we can’t vouch for Conan (maybe NBC really did get him).

If that doesn’t make sense, watch the full interview clip here:

We’re with CoCo!

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Posted in DNA11 Art News by Adrian on February 23rd, 2011

Veronica Belmont

Web celeb Veronica Belmont, recently named one of Fast Company’s 2011 Most Influential Women in Technology, just posted a review of the DNA Ancestry Portrait to her blog.

DNA as art via Veronica Belmont.

All very cool, and which brings me to the photo you see at the top of this post. DNA 11 is a company that makes art based on your own personal DNA. They offered to let me try their service, using my data from 23andMe (though they will send you a kit of their own if you haven’t done one already) to create a QR code portrait containing my ancestry info (maternal line only in this case) called an Ancestry Portrait. This is what you see when you read the QR.

VeronicaQRVeronica provided us with ancestry data she had received from genetics testing company 23andMe and we turned it into a one-of-a-kind DNA Ancestry Portrait.

Now simply by scanning her portrait with the DNA Art Scanner, Veronica, or any interested visitors to her home, can find out more about her maternal lineage.

DNA 11 can take ancestry data from any genetics testing company including 23andMe, Navigenics,, Family Tree DNA, deCODEme or National Geographic: The Genographic Project to create a DNA Ancestry Portrait. You even save $150 by supplying your own data.

Thanks to Veronica for her awesome review.

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Posted in DNA11 Art News by Adrian on February 4th, 2011

KISS Portrait MSNBC-Techlicious

Some more love for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, a DNA 11 KISS Portrait, this time from MSNBC Today and Techlicious.

KISS Portraits are featured in the article Give him a kiss that will last forever, written by Suzanne Kantra from Techlicious.

DNA 11’s unique art made with love is also featured in the Techlicious Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

There’s still time to order a KISS Portrait gift kit for your sweetheart in time for Valentine’s Day.

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DNA 11 was selected by HGTV’s Candice Olson to be featured on NBC’s TODAY Show earlier this week. Candice, along with Kathie Lee and Hoda discuss our DNA Portraits and Fingerprint Portraits as cool art ideas.

View the video of the DNA art featured on the TODAY Show below!

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Tune into ABC’s The View on Friday, February 12th to find Michael Fazio, Concierge to the stars and co-founder of Abigail Michaels Concierge   featuring a variety of  DNA Art by DNA 11. Michael selected DNA11 as an “out of the box” Valentine’s Day gift idea.  The show is seen by over 7 Million Viewers!

The DNA art featured on The View is the world’s most personalized art on canvas. Each piece is designed and scientifically- engineered DNA art by DNA 11.  No two portraits will ever be the same.

When Does that View Air in your area?
Check your local listings for when to watch.

DNA11 on The View

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Tune in Wednesday September 16, 2009 for the one-hour episode of The Doctors titled  Health Trends and Controversial Cures.

DNA 11 created individual DNA Portraits for the show’s hosts- Dr. Travis Stork, Dr. Jim Sears, Dr. Lisa Masterson, and Dr. Drew Ordon.


The DNA art featured on The Doctors TV show is the world’s most personal form of artwork on canvas.  No two portraits will ever be the same.

We had a great time working with the show to create the portraits and we are excited to be a part of the new season!

Check your local listings for show times here. You do not want to miss the show.

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The modern pet portrait by DNA 11 is featured in a recent People Pets article that highlights what people are doing with Pet DNA.

DNA 11 has been creating unique art pieces from the DNA of dogs, cats, horses, and even a Bengal tiger at the request of our customers since its inception in 2005.

Adrian one of the co-founders actually had a DNA Pet Portrait created of his own dog Bosley, and hangs it proudly at home.

“Bosley lays for a quick snapshot in front of his very own DNA portrait.”

“Bosley lays for a quick snapshot in front of his very own DNA portrait.”

Show of your creative side and evoke conversation with art made from Pet DNA.

What are your thoughts? Please join the conversation.

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The Smart Home in Chicago @ The Museum of Science and Industry

The Smart Home in Chicago @ The Museum of Science and Industry

The pioneers of DNA Art are back with another addition to their line of DNA Portraits. DNA 11 has introduced the Modern Day Family Portrait at the Smart Home: Green + Wired, Powered by ComEd.

This exciting exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry is brought to you by the museum and Wired and designed by Michelle Kaufmann Designs.  The house will showcase some of the latest innovations in reusable resources; smart energy consumption; eco-friendly landscaping; and clean, healthy-living environments.

“This is a great opportunity to share DNA art with the people of Chicago,” says Adrian Salamunovic, co-founder of DNA 11. “We are extremely enthusiastic to team up with Wired and the Museum of Science and Industry on this innovative and exciting way to showcase the latest addition to our line of personalized, one-of-a-kind art pieces.”

DNA 11’s Modern Day Family Portrait will be in the home office section of the house which will also feature Steelcase chairs, and modular carpeting from Flor.

The exhibit, and DNA 11’s newest addition to the line of DNA art, is on now and will run through Jan. 3, 2010.

Looking for corporate art? Create a photo canvas for your office: Visit our sister site CanvasPop.