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Posted in Custom Installation, featured client by Adrian on May 2nd, 2011

The video above is of a custom DNA art installation DNA 11 helped create for one of our New York clients.

As you can see, it is a beautiful DNA water wall that combines the owner’s unique DNA with the serene sounds of rushing water.

We’ll have full post on how this awesome project came together later in the week.

Posted in Corporate art, featured client by Adrian on September 20th, 2010
DNA corporate art installation

DNA 11’s unique corporate art has adorned some prominent walls around the world but never before has it actually been the entire wall!

Last summer, Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California, came to DNA 11 with a unique corporate art concept, to create an entire wall of DNA art using the advanced techniques that DNA 11 has been hanging on walls for years.

This time the canvas was four large walls in the brand new 180,000-square-foot Health Education Center which would be plastered floor-to-ceiling with larger-than-life DNA renderings from four of the university’s top community and board representatives.

This unique corporate art installation required some creative problem solving as DNA 11 worked directly with Western University to ensure that the digital images created from the sequenced DNA would appear vivid and clear at large sizes once it was blown up to ten feet tall.

DNA 11 designer Melissa Edwards worked closely with the University to develop a custom colour palette for this unique corporate art project and came up with a vibrant combination of bright greens and blues to make the installation come to life.

Working with Western University of Health Sciences, DNA 11 was able to break the boundaries of the typical canvas and adorn unique walls on each of the four storeys of the Health Education Center with DNA art from each of the four donors.

The project wrapped up recently with DNA 11 supplying four unique plaques to adorn each wall DNA art installation.

Have a unique corporate art idea but can’t find what you’re looking for? Talk to us, we can make it happen!

Posted in Cool Art Ideas, featured client by Adrian on June 18th, 2010

At DNA 11 we love having the opportunity to let our clients personalize the color of their DNA portraits…  No two DNA portraits are identical after all!

With the Fingerprint Portraits and  Kiss Portraits you can choose custom colors online, but with the DNA Portraits, our in-house designers work directly with our clients to create custom colors, based on swatches or Pantone colors they provide us.

The photos below are just two of the customized portraits that the team has created.


This was a totally custom job we did for our friend. A very special one-of-a-kind job from the early days of DNA 11. It took over 4 months to complete and he was involved at every stage of the design process.


This custom color combination started with inspiration from one of our standard colors. It was customized with the help of the DNA 11 designers.

Do you have a custom color combination in mind for a DNA portrait?

  • We’d love to hear from you…Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.
  • or get started and contact our art consultants to create your customized DNA portrait.
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Posted in DNA11 Art News, featured client, media, Uncategorized by Adrian on September 15th, 2009


Tune in Wednesday September 16, 2009 for the one-hour episode of The Doctors titled  Health Trends and Controversial Cures.

DNA 11 created individual DNA Portraits for the show’s hosts- Dr. Travis Stork, Dr. Jim Sears, Dr. Lisa Masterson, and Dr. Drew Ordon.


The DNA art featured on The Doctors TV show is the world’s most personal form of artwork on canvas.  No two portraits will ever be the same.

We had a great time working with the show to create the portraits and we are excited to be a part of the new season!

Check your local listings for show times here. You do not want to miss the show.

Posted in DNA Art in the News, DNA11 Art News, featured client, Pop-up gallery by Adrian on March 23rd, 2009
The Smart Home in Chicago @ The Museum of Science and Industry

The Smart Home in Chicago @ The Museum of Science and Industry

The pioneers of DNA Art are back with another addition to their line of DNA Portraits. DNA 11 has introduced the Modern Day Family Portrait at the Smart Home: Green + Wired, Powered by ComEd.

This exciting exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry is brought to you by the museum and Wired and designed by Michelle Kaufmann Designs.  The house will showcase some of the latest innovations in reusable resources; smart energy consumption; eco-friendly landscaping; and clean, healthy-living environments.

“This is a great opportunity to share DNA art with the people of Chicago,” says Adrian Salamunovic, co-founder of DNA 11. “We are extremely enthusiastic to team up with Wired and the Museum of Science and Industry on this innovative and exciting way to showcase the latest addition to our line of personalized, one-of-a-kind art pieces.”

DNA 11’s Modern Day Family Portrait will be in the home office section of the house which will also feature Steelcase chairs, and modular carpeting from Flor.

The exhibit, and DNA 11’s newest addition to the line of DNA art, is on now and will run through Jan. 3, 2010.

Posted in featured client, media by Adrian on December 10th, 2008

We’re proud of what we’ve created and it shows. More importantly our valued clients have shared their feedback with us since we’ve launched. Many thanks to our clients.  Can you feel the love?

Here are just a few of the e-mails and feedback we’ve received over the years. Please feel free to add your own comments to this posting.

“THANK YOU! I can’t thank you enough for the AMAZING portrait now hanging in my office!  It’s beautiful and every person that walks in here comments on it.”
Jay Lauf
WIRED Magazine

“Just a short note to thank you for your excellent customer service.

the artwork arrived today and is just what I wanted. The quality is brilliant”
Tony Oneill – United Kingdom

“As a customer, I have been absolutely amazed at the high level of care and service (DNA 11) has provided. My purchase went smoothly, and they took the time to walk me through the process and have kept in touch after the transaction was completed. This is what sets them apart from any company I have dealt with in the last 10 years. I will definitely refer DNA11 to everyone I can.”
Christopher Suda
Alexandria, Virginia USA
Quote from

“He loved it.  We love it.  Everyone who sees it…loves it.  And we tell them all about DNA 11.  Thanks again. J”
Jeanine E. LeRoy-

“Just received my portrait and LOVE IT! I can’t wait to give this to my fiancé on Saturday. You guys rock!”
Melissa Napier

“WOW! The art work looks great.  Thank you so much again”.
Bill Fence

Just wanted to let you know we gave away the gift certificates at two events over the weekend. Let’s just say that saying they were a HUGE hit would be an understatement.
pr senior account executive
geoff howe marketing communications

I LOVE IT– it’s great!!!  Thanks so much.  Good luck with the next “evolution” in DNA11’s design.  I will be happy to help promote your work to local galleries out on Eastern Long Island.
Meryl Rosofsky, NY

“Just wanted to thank you again for all you help.  The DNA portrait was a huge success.  Even my friend who’s an architect/designer approved and she’s about as tough as it gets when it comes to things artistic.”

Warm regards,

Susan J. Hwang

“We got our prints today quite ahead of schedule! We were thrilled.”
Seana H.

“I received it well before Father’s Day and my husband and I agree it is the best Father’s Day gift anyone could have thought of!  (The thumb print is of our 7 year old daughter)  The piece is fantastic and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Looks like I’ll be back to order a “kiss” for next Valentine’s Day! “

Thank you again for your help,
Sherri Hostage

“ (My DNA Portrait) IS GORGEOUS and caused a lot of excitement. Thank you again.”
Jennifer M. Barozie

“Just wanted to say thank you so much!
We received our canvas DNA last week. I bought it as a birthday gift for my boyfriend.
The service was under the time stated and the quality is amazing.
It’s a unique, high quality gift and definitely worth every penny!
Many Thanks”
Em (Australia)

“We just wanted to let you and the team at DNA11 that we received and absolutely LOVE our new piece of “personal” artwork.  It’s simply beautiful and you all have been stellar to work with.  We will most definitely pass the word out of your company to our friends, especially when they ask about our new piece of artwork!  🙂  Thanks again.”
K.Ward & T. Callahan II

“I received my DNA portrait from you about a month ago and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it. It looks even better than I expected and it’s an amazing conversation piece. Stephanie Baldwin is a wonderful representative. She answered my questions very professionally and courteously. You are fortunate to have such an outstanding employee. I’m trying to spread the word about DNA11 among my friends. Hopefully, I’ll be able to create even more business for you. 🙂 Thanks for all your efforts. I appreciate them very much.”
Sid Weiss

“Yes, the panels arrived and they look great!!

I will send you pictures in the next day or so.

Thank you so much for everything.”
Mike Nevin Design Toronto

“..took a pic and wanted to share, thank you so much again!  We love our print it’s perfect!”



“WOW!  We received our art yesterday and our dining room is now almost complete.  This is truly unique and we hope that we are the “first to have our art” in Fresno, California.  We’ll spread the word and wish you continued success!!  Here is a picture.  Thanks again for your professionalism and care to produce a great piece!”
Gerard Lozano– California

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