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We’re always captivated by original art projects that set themselves apart from the rest — much like our DNA art. “Black Hole” is a project by Swiss photographer Fabien Oefner. The setup of his project is very simple, Oefner drips various shades of acrylic paint onto a metallic rod, which is attached to a drill. He switches on the drill, and photographs the moment when the paint starts to move away from the rod caused by the centripetal force. Because the paint moves so quickly, the photo needs to be captured within a millisecond of the drill being switched on. He makes use of a sensor that is connected to the drill and camera, which allows him to accurately freeze frame the motion of the paint.

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Photo credit: Design Boom

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What’s the best gift for the co-founder of Apple’s 62nd birthday? DNA Art from DNA 11, of course!

Steve Wozniak’s surprise birthday party was the hottest event in San Francisco last night. Woz spoke to the crowd alongside his present — the DNA Portrait we created for him. His DNA art was also transformed into a birthday cake thanks to our digital download feature.

How was Steve Wozniak’s DNA Portrait created? DNA 11 extracted his DNA from a simple cheek swab, then ran it through a gel and a process called electrophoresis in our lab. Smaller pieces of DNA move faster than larger pieces through the gel pores, so the result is a series of DNA strands separated from one another based on size, with the largest strands on the top of the gel and the smallest bands at the bottom. This process ensures the unique DNA extends into a unique order.

Fusion-io, where Woz is chief scientist, planned the surprise party. Guests secretly invited to the museum received pink boas, noise makers and a chance to test their skills on Tetris.

It was a real honor to create his portrait. Happy Birthday, Woz!

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Image of wine Cork Portraits by Scott Gundersen

We’re always on the lookout for unique art and cool portraits, so when we found these Wine Cork Portraits by Scott Gundersen we got really excited. Via Colossal:

Starting with a large photograph that’s transferred to a drawing, Gundersen pins each cork to the canvas, creating a correlation between the hues of the wine-stained corks and the value of light or shadow in the portrait. His latest work, Trisha, took 3,621 corks to complete, but other works have required over 9,000.

If you’re not already blow away by this art’s immensity, check out the video below to catch a peak at how it all comes together. Meet: “Grace”:

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We’ve launched the world’s first creative laboratory combining genetics, art and commerce.

First, DNA 11 revolutionized the art world with our amazing  DNA Art—and now we’ve unveiled the world’s first genetics lab dedicated to the creation of biometric artwork: The Lab @ DNA 11.

We’ve been mixing Art+Science since 2005 — sequencing the individual DNA of customers and turning it into beautiful genetic art.

Now DNA 11 is creating the ultimate laboratory for the advancement of biometric artwork by combining a state-of-the-art genetics lab with the in-house creative team that dreamed up the original DNA Portrait to continue to revolutionize the industry.

“Establishing a genetics lab in the middle of an art factory exemplifies the essence of DNA 11 — the melding of the two worlds of art and genomics,” said Nazim Ahmed, cofounder, DNA 11.

Because the one-of-a-kind genetic art lab is completely in-house, we maintain total quality control and the ability to experiment with new ways of visualizing the building blocks of life.

“It’s our take on The Factory — Warhol’s famous midtown Manhattan studio — we call it The Lab @ DNA 11 and it provides an inspirational space for artists, creatives and scientists to create truly remarkable biometric inspired products,” said Nazim.

The Lab @ DNA 11 is located at the company’s global headquarters in Ottawa, Canada and provides support services for DNA art production around the globe including DNA 11’s U.S. production facility in Las Vegas, NV.

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Kiss Portrait Collection Kit

As Valentine’s Day approaches there will many kisses given away but only a select few will last forever as a one-of-kind art piece.

The DNA 11 KISS Portrait makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift but how do we make them? Here’s how:

  1. We send out a KISS Portrait Colection Kit to the customer like the one pictured above.
  2. Inside the customer will find a tube of M.A.C VIVA GLAM Lipstick, some KISS collection sheets, a color swatch, a collection envelope and an instruction card.
  3. The customer then applies the lipstick and plants a big kiss on the collection sheet. We supply more than one so you can try more than once to get just the right look.
  4. The customer places the KISS collection sheets in the envelope indicating their top 5 preferred KISS imprints then fills in their address information and color selection and mails it off to DNA 11.
  5. Once the samples have been received, they are put trough our high resolution scanner and sent to the designer.
  6. The designer then picks the best print using criteria such as how well it transferred to the collection sheet, visibility of fine detail and general aesthetic appeal. The process of creating the KISS print is done mainly by hand to insure that all the fine details are captured. The print, is then converted to a vector image to ensure the highest level of quality.
  7. Next the KISS print has the customer’s chosen color palette applied and is send to print.
  8. Each KISS Portrait is then printed using Giclée printing techniques on high-quality, acid-free, polyester-cotton canvas, using pigmented inks designed to resist fading. Each piece is also sealed with a non-yellowing protective varnish to further prolong the print life.
  9. KISS Portraits are then stretched around a wooden stretcher frame and stapled on the back. Our 1.5″ depth stretcher bars are made of high quality North American Birchwood and include a unique support system which prevents warping and the canvas from skewing or sagging.
  10. Each portrait is hand-signed by one of our in-house stretchers so you know it was made by made with care.
  11. Your unique KISS Portrait is then wrapped in plastic to protect it, boxed and shipped to you.

Kiss Collection sheet sample

Here are a few tips and trick for getting the best KISS print for your KISS Portrait from our Lead Graphic Designer, Melissa Edwards:

  • Do not rub your lips together when applying the lip stick. This prevents the lip stick from going in the cracks and creases of your lips which is a good thing.
  • With a slightly open mouth, press your lips against the paper. Avoid pursing your lips together, as this creates the unwanted “O” look.
  • The darker the lip stick over all the better, the more cracks the better.
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