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Posted in gift ideas, Inspirational Design of the Week by Courtney on December 22nd, 2011

Who doesn’t like playing with magnets? And when you throw a little Ferrite into the mix, suddenly you have this alluring Interactive Liquid Sculpture. The products (Ferro, the mini and Ferrite, the larger Desktop version) contain Ferrofluid—an extraordinary material with unique ferromagnetic properties.

From Designer David Markus:
By applying magnetic fields of different strengths, different shapes and formations begin to appear in this otherworldly black liquid. By suspending it in a clear liquid, even more interactive qualities are exposed.

Ferrite has been designed with the desktop use in mind. Its solid aluminum base prevents the display from tipping over, while a matching stylus houses powerful neodymium magnets.

Ferro has been designed as a smaller, more interactive version of Ferrite. It features a cage to protect the glass container, as well as a special encased magnet that rests on the top of the vessel.

Want to get your hands on a Ferrite or Ferro? Back this project!

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Posted in Inspirational Design of the Week, Just Cool, Office Space by Courtney on December 1st, 2011

Here at DNA 11 we have cool offices, but can admit that this Tetra-Shed deserves some attention.

Our friends at Gizmodo shed light on this dramatically-designed modular office space:

Each shed provides a private or semi-private workspace for a couple of employees, complete with deskspace, overhead storage, and subtle recessed lighting. A series of windows and a front door let additional light in, but the whole thing can be sealed up when complete privacy or quiet is needed. (Coming in January)

This cutting-edge workpod was designed by David Ajasa-Adekunle, a London architect who obviously knows how to design a unique space to foster productivity and creativity.  Once available, Tetra-Sheds can be clad in either copper, zinc, corten steel or marine plywood and internally lined in either birch faced plywood or plasterboard.

What would you rather work in—an open concept or angular pod?

Photo via Gizmodo.
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Posted in Inspirational Design of the Week by Adrian on February 25th, 2011

TDK Boombox

While stylish DNA art is one way to surround yourself with world-class design, there are amazing examples of well-made, well-designed products everywhere. We are going to start highlighting one each week.

We love this great retrospective on the history of the boombox from our friends at MoCo Loco inspired by TDK’s awesome new 3 Speaker Boombox.


What inspired Paul O’Connor, creative director of Ziba Design, and his team to revive the boombox, in the form of the new TDK Life on Record series? The chance to explore its cultural origins and its place in our collective history. O’Connor, David Thorpe, Oved Valadez, Mike Lemmon and Kaitlin Paul embraced the opportunity “to connect with those who get it at the expense of offending others,” as they implore us to take out our ear buds and play music out loud. Among their inspiration were “mixed tapes, the act of creating, sharing, socializing music” and “people who still care about their s**t.”

This boombox makes me want to break out my old blue BMX bike and pedal down the street pumping a little Grand master Flash on my shoulder  if only I weren’t terrified to drop it and destroy this work of art.

The inspiration comes from 80’s street culture and hip-hop combined with a modern, sleek design and minimalist look that make this the ultimate personal music device.

I think MoCo is onto something when they compare today’s culture where everyone has earphones and music is a personal, isolated thing to the 80’s when music was your voice, something to be shared.

Nostalgia aside, you can add this to my birthday gift list, along with a new BMX bike.

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