COLOURlovers Contest Winners
Posted in Contest, Crowdsourcing by Adrian on November 14th, 2011

Last Friday we wrapped up the voting in the DNA 11/COLOURlovers palette contest. The goal was to get the COLOURlovers community to help us create five new palettes for our DNA Portraits that would become part of our permanent collection.

After receiving over 6000 entries, we finally have our one winner and four finalists.


Under my Skin by BerryColor


Tranquility by ChairmanCao
Dog DNA by Miaka
Peace in the Blood by OrigamiMei
moon trip by sirda

You can check out the winning palettes in the gallery below.

The winner will receive a 24×36″ DNA Portrait featuring their winning palette and their colours now become a permanent part of the DNA 11 collection. The finalists all receive $250 DNA 11 gift vouchers and their colors will also join our collection.

We were completely overwhelmed by the response to this contest and would like to thank everyone for making it such a success. Our community is the most creative and design-focused in the world and contests such as this and initiative such as DNA 11 Labs prove it.



One Response to “COLOURlovers Contest Winners”

  1. Magic Walnut says:

    Thanks for the contest, DNA11! Glad to see so many awesome palettes!

    Not to press, but I thought the rules had originally been that “Voting will last until Thursday, November. 10th at midnight (12am) PDT. Winners will be announced Friday, November 11th.” Some votes had been allowed afterward, including this entry, as said in the comment of the ColourLovers announcement here: This creates a little bit of controversy of the winning entry, seeing as the winning votes were added the day after. All the entries were great, but was hoping you could see this?

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