Design Our Next DNA 11 Color Palette!
Posted in Art+Science, Contest, Crowdsourcing by Courtney on October 20th, 2011

DNA 11 has partnered up with the creative community at COLOURlovers in an effort to expand our current color palette choices. Get creative, get inspired and get going!

Starting today, the COLOURlovers members will be able to create their own original DNA portrait color combinations online. The community will choose ten finalists who will then square off to see which five will be chosen to become a permanent part of the DNA 11 collection.

“Each one of our current 25 color combinations was chosen with a specific look in mind. Every color in a DNA Portrait must work well together,” said Melissa Edwards, lead designer. “That’s the kind of attention to detail we’re looking for in this contest.”

The contest will be open and accept entries for the first phase from Thursday, October 20th through Thursday, October 27th, 2011.

1st Place: Your very own, palette-customized, 24 x 36” DNA Portrait, plus we add your winning palette to our line of color options for personalized DNA art.

Runners Up (4): A $250 DNA 11 Gift Certificate and your palette will also be added to the DNA 11 color collection.

To enter and for full contest details, visit:


2 Responses to “Design Our Next DNA 11 Color Palette!”

  1. klomystr lilla says:

    I think this is a great collaboration – as both a scientist and as a COLOURlover. But ever since I saw the DNA pattern, it’s been driving me crazy…what DNA ladder is shown in the COLOURlover contest? Is it a cut lambda vector? Oh, I am so OCD…

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