DNA 11 for Charity in L.A. for Golden Globes
Posted in charity by Adrian on January 12th, 2011

Elijah Wood - DNA 11 for Charity

DNA 11 has gone Hollywood! We’re in Los Angeles this week promoting our DNA 11 for Charity Program.

We were invited to participate in the 5th Annual Access Hollywood “Stuff You Must…” Lounge which runs January 14-15 at the Sofitel Los Angeles in celebration of the 68th Golden Globe® Awards.  Dozens of celebrities will have the opportunity to create their own personalized artwork from their DNA, fingerprint or lip print.

Because we love to give back, we’re also taking the opportunity to invite the Golden Globes celebrities to join us to raise money for their favorite causes with the DNA 11 for Charity program.

DNA 11 for Charity is a one-of-kind celebrity art auction that creates limited edition prints of a celebrity’s DNA, Fingerprint or KISS print and auctions them off to support their favourite charitable organizations.

We create a limited run of a celebrity’s personalized artwork and auction them off in partnership with eBay Giving Works with 100% of the proceeds going to charity – no risk, no hassle.

Previously, DNA 11 for Charity has partnered with actor Elijah Wood to raise money for The Art of Elysium and with Athlete’s First and NFL quarterback Matt Cassel for the Orangewood Children’s Foundation.

DNA 11 is committed to giving back through its charitable foundation as well the dozens of unaffiliated events and campaign it contributes to every year. For more information visit www.dna11.com/charity.


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