Introducing DNA 11 Labs
Posted in Crowdsourcing, DNA 11 Labs, new product by Courtney on October 12th, 2011
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DNA 11 Labs

Today, DNA 11 is proud to be launching DNA 11 Labs, a community-driven crowdsourcing design platform.

We often receive requests for special orders from customers who love the DNA 11 design and aesthetic. Many of these custom orders have inspired the products we are launching Labs with. Since great minds think alike, it was a natural transition to turn to our customers to help decide what’s next.

Leading the way is the debut of DNA Rugs, the most unique art you’ll ever walk on.

DNA 11 Labs

The big idea behind labs is really about self expression. We are tapping into one of our most valuable assets; the collective hearts and minds of our diverse global client base.

Eager to get involved?

Go to By signing up on the DNA 11 Labs homepage, community members will be able to vote on their favorite concepts as well as have the opportunity to pitch their own. Based on the amount of votes an idea gets, it will be offered exclusively to members where they can pre-order from a limited quantity available.


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