The media coverage keeps rolling in! On April 11th, 9am EST our DNA art is featured on The Rachael Ray Show“.  The Show’s co-host of the segment called “The Dish” (Lara Spencer) loves our concept and shows viewers how they can get their own custom DNA Portrait made.

Click here to create yours!

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After placing numerous harassing persuasive phone calls to BBC Click (one of my favorite programs) we finally got featured on their segment called “Webscape: Best of the Web”. Many thanks to Kate Russell for covering us.

If you want to see the clip and read about some other interesting web sites go here.

The BBC has been great to us. earlier this year we were also featured on James May’s 2oth Century.



I was invited to speak to CNBC a few months ago during their popular Powerlunch TV show to talk about DNA 11 and our recent growth. The interview  was live from my second home city- Miami. When we started DNA 11 not too long ago I never imagined that we would appear on CNBC. The response was fantastic. Today the interview was featured on their site along with some other very innovative companies. Check it out the video by following the link below.  Our video is the 5th one down…

Go the CNBC Video Roundup here

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One of our clients Jason Sutton just had his modern home featured in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine.  Jason’s DNA 11 portrait is placed predominantly within the design of the house and serves as a focal point. The house was designed by John DeForest,  a Harvard-trained architect.  The “Zipper House” design is a direct reflection of Jason’s laidback personality combining modern elegance and simplicity. Click here for the full article and more pictures.



You know you’re becoming part of ‘pop culture’ when you appear on CSI. The producers of CSI: NY contacted us to ask if we wanted to participate in an episode. At first we were a bit concerned how it was going to be used- but we couldn’t say no- we knew it would be a great opportunity to share our idea with the world. In this episode called “What schemes may come” a suspect’s DNA portrait is used to match her DNA to a crime without the need for getting a warrant.  This of course could never happenin real life.  The images we produce, although generated from our customer’s DNA and completely unique to each individual actually hold no forensically valid data. Also the sequences that we target are not disclosed to anyone outside of our labs.  We take mutiple steps to ensure the privacy of our clients.  So you don’t need to worry if you’re planning on doing any major crimes. 🙂

It was really cool to work with the producers of CSI and to see our art on CSI:NY.  Hopefully we can post a video clip in the next few days.

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Our friends at the Xprize Foundation invited us to be sponsors of this years event and we happily accepted the invitation. Last week Nazim and I flew down to San Francisco to attend the prestigious event and do some serious networking. We got to meet some very interesting people and rub shoulders with the likes of Richard Branson (Virgin media mogul), Google co-founders Larry Page (chairman of Xprize) and Sergey Brin, actor Robin Williams, and Al Gore’s wife, Tipper.

Over 2 Million dollars was raised at the event. DNA 11 contributed by donating our art for the silent auction and awarding each “vision circle” board member with their very own DNA 11 portrait.


DNA 11 founders with actor Robin Williams


Anousheh Ansari’s DNA portrait was presented to her on stage

More coverage from and images from CNET, Mercury News



Yesterday DNA 11 was featured on The Today Show on NBC. The audience was over 4 million viewers. It seems like each week we are getting more and more publicity. Could Oprah be next? Stay tuned….

The best part of this video is when Al Roker says he loves our art.

YouTube Video Link below (might take a few seconds to load):



Last Friday we were invited over to NPRs *New* Manhattan Studio to do a little radio interview. It played on Sunday. Over 3 million listeners. The offices were so new that I was the first person to be interviewed in that particular studio. Construction was actually still going on. As we were leaving we were asked to sign their guest-book- it was really cool. I found Clint Eastwood and Frank Miller’s signature. Frank’s signature is by far the craziest signature I have ever seen. Frank created SIN CITY and was a fellow guest at Semi-Permanent NYC this year. We’re big fans of his work.

Listen to the interview from NPRs web site

More pics…

Josh the studio tech:


Me in the booth yapping away:


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Seems like we’re spending more time in New York these days then at home. I’m not complaining. As you can see by previous posts we love being in New York. Both Nazim and I were there for ten days. We met some amazing people as always. The main reason we were there was to exhibit at a huge event called NYIGF (New York International Gift Fair). Over 2500 exhibitors and 40,000 people. We had an amazing booth and a great location. Thanks Jessica Lo for your help designing the booth. Here are a couple of pics…



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Rob Walker wrote a great article about us in the New York Times Magazine on December 24th. We are getting tons of press lately and a lot more coming in the New Year.

Check it out. Let us know what you think.

Looking for corporate art? Create a photo canvas for your office: Visit our sister site CanvasPop.

Looking for corporate art? Create a photo canvas for your office: Visit our sister site CanvasPop