Scientists Can Make Art Too!
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At DNA 11 we are no strangers to the fact that art and science can be combined, or even the result of one another. Over at Princeton University they share the same feelings, so they put on an art exhibit — featuring images from the science department.

There were more than 250 submissions for the exhibit, and over 4o photos in the final show. Take a look at a few of them below!


Fruit Fly Factory — The cross-section of ovarioles from fruit flies


Fungus Among Us — A network of strands of fungal spores


Living Architecture — Army ants creating a bridge to protect their queen


Watermarks — Patterns on New Jersey’s coast


Now That I Have Your Attention  — High voltage being applied to a Tesla coil


A Cave of Crystals — A protein from cow’s blood turns into a crystal shell as it evaporates

Head over to NBC News to see some more! Or get started on your own scientific art, at


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