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Posted in Art in Nature, Art+Science, Photography by Brittany on April 24th, 2014

Physicist Takes X-Ray Photographs of Plants and Animals

These X-ray images reveal the tiny details within nature. As a physicist, Arie van’t Riet specialized in radiation and low energy X-rays and eventually turned this part of his profession into an artistic hobby.

The stunning black and white images are first taken using X-ray technology, and afterwards he fills in the color using photoshop, as he sees fit. The combination and contrast between the X-ray image and the color is eye-catching and interesting. Van’t Riet says that approaching an image opportunity, “Each time it is challenging me to arrive at an X-ray photograph that represents the sentiment of the scene.”

Take a look at the colorful, yet black and white images below and let us know what you think! If you like this work, stop by DNA 11 to some more science-based art!

Physicist Takes X-Ray Photographs of Plants and Animals

Physicist Takes X-Ray Photographs of Plants and Animals

Physicist Takes X-Ray Photographs of Plants and Animals

Physicist Takes X-Ray Photographs of Plants and Animals

Physicist Takes X-Ray Photographs of Plants and Animals

Physicist Takes X-Ray Photographs of Plants and Animals

Via Fstoppers

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Posted in Art+Science, Cool Art Ideas, Just Cool by Courtney on June 19th, 2012

Portraits come in all shapes and sizes, and New York artist Michael Mapes is a genius at capturing the essence of his subjects is a truly unique way. We love it when art meets science!
Via Colossal:

He creates elaborate specimen boxes by dissecting photographs and then compartmentalizing individual fragments within plastic bags, glass vials, magnifiers, in gelatin capsules and on insect pins. The boxes exist in an uncanny area between photography and sculpture, functioning both as portraits and as fascinating scientific canvases that make you question the the logic behind the organization of each piece.

Michael’s boxes feature thousands of individual specimens of dissected photographs and biographical DNA like hair, finger nails, scent, eye lashes, fingerprints, food, botanical elements, fabric swatches, makeup, dirt, handwriting samples and breath.

Learn more about Michael and his work in his interview with the Huffington Post.

Create your own unique portrait with DNA 11—turn your DNA, Fingerprint or Kiss into a work of art for your home.

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Posted in Art+Science, How it's Made by Courtney on June 15th, 2012

We’ve launched the world’s first creative laboratory combining genetics, art and commerce.

First, DNA 11 revolutionized the art world with our amazing  DNA Art—and now we’ve unveiled the world’s first genetics lab dedicated to the creation of biometric artwork: The Lab @ DNA 11.

We’ve been mixing Art+Science since 2005 — sequencing the individual DNA of customers and turning it into beautiful genetic art.

Now DNA 11 is creating the ultimate laboratory for the advancement of biometric artwork by combining a state-of-the-art genetics lab with the in-house creative team that dreamed up the original DNA Portrait to continue to revolutionize the industry.

“Establishing a genetics lab in the middle of an art factory exemplifies the essence of DNA 11 — the melding of the two worlds of art and genomics,” said Nazim Ahmed, cofounder, DNA 11.

Because the one-of-a-kind genetic art lab is completely in-house, we maintain total quality control and the ability to experiment with new ways of visualizing the building blocks of life.

“It’s our take on The Factory — Warhol’s famous midtown Manhattan studio — we call it The Lab @ DNA 11 and it provides an inspirational space for artists, creatives and scientists to create truly remarkable biometric inspired products,” said Nazim.

The Lab @ DNA 11 is located at the company’s global headquarters in Ottawa, Canada and provides support services for DNA art production around the globe including DNA 11’s U.S. production facility in Las Vegas, NV.

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Posted in Art+Science by Courtney on May 3rd, 2012

When science and art collide, the results are awe-inspiring. The video above by Martijn Steenwijk is the Grand Prize Winner in the  Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience’s 2012 Art of Neuroscience competition. These amazing entries merged neuroscience with artistic inflections. Via Discover Magazine:

The video used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to visualize brain function and anatomy. Also keep an ear on the soundtrack, which was composed by assigning each brain activity pattern to an instrument. The instrument’s pitch varies with intensity of brain activity—raw thought translated into music.

“Organized Chaos” by S. Hoyng (left) received Honourable Mention at the awards. This brain slice from a human autopsy has taken on vivid color in the hands of a neuroscientist: green from infection by a lentivirus, red for neurons, blue for the nuclei of brain cells.

We’re always stoked to find other Art+Science initiatives and collaborations, like these science tattoos or the DNA of film.

Have you discovered a cool Art+Science project? Share it with us!

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