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Posted in biotechnology by Adrian on September 23rd, 2010

DNA art by DNA 11 - InfraredThis week is National Biotechnology Week in Canada and seeing as how we’re a company that relies on DNA it seems like something worth celebrating.

Our business wouldn’t exist without biotechnology, and the ambitious idea to sequence the human genome back in 1990, with the creation of the Human Genome Project, further helped to popularize DNA in society .

Now, thanks to biotechnology, not only do we get great, original artwork on our walls but we get lots of other cools things like cures to major diseases, improved crops and better plot lines for TV crime dramas.

Canada’s bio-economy is worth over $84 billion, or more than 6.5 per cent of its GDP, and supports more than 1 million jobs.

BIOTECanada, the national non-profit association dedicated to building the bio-based economy in Canada, has a great website up for National Biotechnology Week at:

And of course there is no better way to celebrate National Biotechnology Week than to capture your own DNA on canvas with one of our original DNA Portraits.

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