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Posted in Art+Science, Just Cool, Science by Brittany on February 2nd, 2014

Long Exposure Photographs Powered by Fruit Batteries

These long exposure photographs are unique in the way they are composed and presented, making them artistically appealing. But there is something else unique about these photos — the lighting in them is powered by the fruit, which makes them scientifically appealing as well.

Art and science is our specialty, and we love these images. Photographer Caleb Charland attached galvanized nails and copper wire to the fruit to generate enough electricity to power the lightbulbs in the shot. If you’re thinking that this reminds you of grade school science class, you’re on the same track as Charland.

He says this project expands on the potato battery idea, “This work speaks to a common curiosity we all have for how the world works as well as a global concern for the future of earth’s energy sources.”

Long Exposure Photographs Powered by Fruit Batteries

Long Exposure Photographs Powered by Fruit Batteries

Long Exposure Photographs Powered by Fruit “Batteries”

Long Exposure Photographs Powered by Fruit Batteries

Via Colossal

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Posted in Cool Art Ideas, International, Just Cool by Courtney on August 8th, 2013

Beautiful Portraits Drawn on Maps using Ink and PencilOur thing has always been the fusion of art+science, but we’re really digging artist Ed Fairburn‘s mixed media art consisting of maps, pencil, and ink. Most of Fairburn’s pieces are large in scale, and he uses the complex webs of roads, trains, and rivers on the maps to create unique portraits. He hides these incredibly detailed, and beautiful faces amongst the topography of various regions — including Canada, the US, Germany, and Zambia.

What do you think of Fairburn’s remarkable art? We’d love if you’d share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Beautiful Portraits Drawn on Maps using Ink and Pencil

Beautiful Portraits Drawn on Maps using Ink and Pencil

Beautiful Portraits Drawn on Maps using Ink and Pencil

Beautiful Portraits Drawn on Maps using Ink and Pencil

Beautiful Portraits Drawn on Maps using Ink and PencilPhoto credit: Colossal 

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Posted in Cool Art Ideas, Just Cool by Courtney on August 15th, 2012

Light painting is a photography technique that involves moving a hand-held light source while the camera shutter remains open, and Brian Matthew Hart is a master of it. We loved these unique portraits for their modern yet hieroglyphic feel. Via Colossal:

Hart created a number of mosaics using individual exposures, the largest hand (below), part of an unfinished diptych, is made from 324 photographs! …check out his website for plenty more.

Given we’re big fans of fingerprint art, we’re all over this series of hand prints. We love the details on the fingertips and the uniqueness of each piece. Hart modelled these light paintings after real-life subjects, however the portrait below is simply called “right hand“.

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Posted in Cool Art Ideas, Just Cool by Courtney on May 29th, 2012

Remember the great pop-up books of your childhood? Castles jumping off the page, witches flying their brooms, pirates sailing ships on surging seas? We came across these modern pop-ups for grown-ups on Colossal and had to share their monochrome magic.

Portland-based designer and art director Mengyu Chen is currently working on a new comic book and has mocked up some experimental pop-ups of her own design. The ideas and execution are really quite spectacular…

We love the simplicity of the paper airplane but were also blown away by these fireworks. Other pop-ups include a kaleidoscope and growing seedling.

Mengyu, aka Jenny, is an über talented artist who enjoys typography, letterpress, illustration, photography and crafts in many shades and colours. We especially connected with her TypePlay project, a collection of handdrawn and digital typography she created.

Despite the colorful pop-up books I grew up on, I can almost appreciate these more—they’re bare bones black and white, but still iconic symbols of childhood, cemented in reality.

Are you also a fan of B&W art? Our DNA Portraits, Fingerprint Portraits and Kiss Portraits all have crisp, modern black and white color schemes.

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Posted in Art+Science, Cool Art Ideas, Just Cool by Courtney on March 8th, 2012

Photo of wire hands

When art meets science, we’re all over it. Afterall, that pairing inspired our DNA Portraits and our other personalized art like Fingerprint and Kiss portraits.

Montreal-based architect Federico Carbajal creates anatomical architectures out of galvanized wire, stainless steel and acrylic through what he calls spatial sketching. Federico describes his work:

With the influence of the old masters and the early works of Alexander Calder, to current digital 3D media and architectural representation, these tridimensional hybrids bring together drawing, architecture and sculpture in order to create a coherent spatial entity.

Spatial sketching allows for the possibility of new representations of images in space, exploring the void and the dematerialization of volume.  The physical and metaphysical presence of the human body emanate through a combination of transparent planes and spatial lines.

View more of Federico’s work on his portfolio site.

Via Colossal / Street Anatomy.

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