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Posted in Contest, gift ideas by Courtney on December 23rd, 2011

We’re brimming with holiday cheer and giving away a DNA 11 Mini Portrait today! It’s our last daily goody before the big Grand Prize draw on December 28th.

A compact version of our larger works, the DNA Mini Portrait measures 8″ x 10″ (20 cm x 25 cm) and is a custom Giclee print protected by a glare-resistant glass frame. It can easily be displayed on shelf, desktop or wall.

To enter today’s give-away, tell us how you’d get a DNA Portrait of. Leave a comment on this blog post, tweet us @DNA11 or post on our Facebook page.  

(And if you haven’t entered to win the grand prize, it closes today at 12pm EST!  Enter now!).

Posted in DNA11 Art News by Adrian on February 23rd, 2011

Veronica Belmont

Web celeb Veronica Belmont, recently named one of Fast Company’s 2011 Most Influential Women in Technology, just posted a review of the DNA Ancestry Portrait to her blog.

DNA as art via Veronica Belmont.

All very cool, and which brings me to the photo you see at the top of this post. DNA 11 is a company that makes art based on your own personal DNA. They offered to let me try their service, using my data from 23andMe (though they will send you a kit of their own if you haven’t done one already) to create a QR code portrait containing my ancestry info (maternal line only in this case) called an Ancestry Portrait. This is what you see when you read the QR.

VeronicaQRVeronica provided us with ancestry data she had received from genetics testing company 23andMe and we turned it into a one-of-a-kind DNA Ancestry Portrait.

Now simply by scanning her portrait with the DNA Art Scanner, Veronica, or any interested visitors to her home, can find out more about her maternal lineage.

DNA 11 can take ancestry data from any genetics testing company including 23andMe, Navigenics,, Family Tree DNA, deCODEme or National Geographic: The Genographic Project to create a DNA Ancestry Portrait. You even save $150 by supplying your own data.

Thanks to Veronica for her awesome review.

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Posted in new product by Adrian on December 20th, 2010

DNA Art ScannerSince we’re all addicted to our iPhones here at DNA 11 anyway, we figured we might as well make good use of our time staring at those little screens.

That’s why we’ve just launched our brand new DNA Art Scanner in Apple’s App Store.

The DNA Art Scanner is a custom QR code scanner that provides customers with the ability to unlock the secrets of their DNA Ancestry Portrait by directing them to their personal ancestry web page to learn more about their maternal lineage.

The DNA Art Scanner was developed by our good friends at Select Start Studios. To download the app in Apple’s App Store visit this link:

In the coming months we’ll be adding new features to the DNA Art Scanner as we continuing to innovate in the field of DNA art.

For a review of how the app works in conjunction with the DNA Ancestry Portraits check out this video.

Looking for corporate art? Create a photo canvas for your office: Visit our sister site CanvasPop.