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Posted in Contest, Just Cool by Courtney on March 7th, 2012

A DNA 11 Fingerprint Portrait adds an element of individual design to any room. No matter what your décor or colour scheme, your portrait will stand out on the wall as a testament to your uniqueness.

Tell us which room you’d hang your Fingerprint Portrait in for a chance to win one! Leave a comment on this blog post, tell us on Twitter, or share on our Facebook wall.

Entry Details
We’ll award a 12×12″ Fingerprint portrait to one lucky winner on Monday, March 12. We’ll also randomly award $100 DNA gift vouchers to people who retweet this giveaway or share it on Facebook.

Good luck!

Posted in Cool Art Ideas by Adrian on March 24th, 2010

No two people share the same fingerprint. Identical twins do not even have the same fingerprints, even though they share the same genetic DNA.

Fingerprints begin developing when ridges are formed on the outermost layer of skin, on your fingertips. The ridges form a pattern that is your unique fingerprint.

These ridges are developed during weeks 20 to 24 of gestation and will not changes as a person ages. Your fingerprint will change in size but the patterns the ridges that are formed will remain the same from infancy to adulthood.


The unique identifiers come from the varying number, and spacing of the ridges, even though everyone can be classified into three categories or patterns.

  • The Loop –   (65% of all people)
  • The Whorl – (30% of all people)
  • The Arch –   (   5% of all people)

Wondering what category or pattern you fit into?


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