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Posted in Cool Design of the Week, Home Decor, Just Cool by Brittany on March 1st, 2014

5 Origami-Inspired Designs

We’ve noticed a trend, and we’re quite fond it. Nothing is as sleek and geometrically intricate as origami — the Japanese art of paper folding — so how could you go wrong with a design based on it? We’ve noticed a lot of origami inspired products and designs lately so we rounded up a few of our favourites to admire and praise.

1) The Origami Bench

5 Origami Inspired Designs

Created by blackLAB architects, this bench combines clean white with exposed wood and metal. Plus it folds and creases as seamlessly as paper.

2) Make Kiosks

5 Origami Inspired Designs

Make Architects created these kiosks based on the efficient and functional concept of folding paper. They open to reveal the kiosk inside and close to become sculpture-like when not in use.

3) Kafolda: a Fold-it-Yourself Spoon

5 Origami-Inspired Designs

This spoon is mailed to you flat. You are in charge of folding it into the perfect shape — with crisp corners to reach right to the edges of a flat container.

4) Klemens Torggler Doors

5 Origami-Inspired Designs

These doors fold and rotate to open and close, looking as light as paper.

5) Folded Tones Rug

5 Origami-Inspired Designs

This rug does not actually fold or bend like origami, but it sure looks like it does. An optical illusion for your floor!

Let us know which one of our 5 Origami-Inspired Designs you like best in the comments!
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