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We know that children grow up quickly, and this means that the products designed for babies are not the same as those designed for toddlers, or kindergarteners. But what if they were?

Design company Dot and Cross has created a line of products that change, to adapt to the different stages of growing up. From a crib that transforms into a bed, to an art easel that transforms into a desk, these products are designed to last.

The products are all built to work together, from the moment you are designing a baby’s room to the moment you are redesigning for those teenage years. The simple design and neutral, solid colors make it easy to work with this furniture for years.






If you’re working on decorating your child’s room, check out our personalized art!

Via Fast Company

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Inspirational Design of the Week: Wallmond's Hanger Frame

We love wall art, we love unique design and this definitely has both.

The Wallmond’s Hanger Frame is made to decorate your space, while holding your belongings. It may not look like it at first, but those size-varying waves and grooves are ideal for hanging different sized items. The waves also create a wall, behind which you’ll find storage space for those objects that can’t hang very well.

The Hanger Frame is made from solid birch plywood, so it is not only durable as a hanger it is also easy on the eyes as sleek wall art.

Inspirational Design of the Week: Wallmond's Hanger Frame

Inspirational Design of the Week: Wallmond's Hanger Frame

Inspirational Design of the Week: Wallmond's Hanger Frame

If you’re looking to decorate with some unique wall art, check out our DNA Art as well!

Via Yanko Design

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