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Posted in media by Adrian on December 8th, 2010
Photo credit: Michael Rubenstein for the Wall Street Journal

Photo credit: Michael Rubenstein for the Wall Street Journal

If you read the Wall Street Journal you can check out your favorite DNA Art company on the cover of the Personal Journal section today.

DNA 11 appears as part of a larger story about the rise of retailers who specialize in customization, which WSJ dubs “me-tailers”.

We’re honored to be associated with so many cool and exciting brands in the article and believe passionately that customization and personalization are what customers want in a world where things are increasingly mass-produced.

At DNA 11 we take great pride in providing our customers with the ability to express themselves and apply a little bit of their own personality to their walls.

Some think it’s narcissistic, but we like to think of it as hyper-personalization. While some customers are buying DNA Portraits or Fingerprint Portraits of themselves, many are choosing to celebrate their kids, their pets or even a lost loved one and we think that’s awesome.

Thanks to Wendy Bounds and the Wall Street Journal for a great article, here’s the link:

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