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At DNA 11 we love having the opportunity to let our clients personalize the color of their DNA portraits…  No two DNA portraits are identical after all!

With the Fingerprint Portraits and  Kiss Portraits you can choose custom colors online, but with the DNA Portraits, our in-house designers work directly with our clients to create custom colors, based on swatches or Pantone colors they provide us.

The photos below are just two of the customized portraits that the team has created.


This was a totally custom job we did for our friend. A very special one-of-a-kind job from the early days of DNA 11. It took over 4 months to complete and he was involved at every stage of the design process.


This custom color combination started with inspiration from one of our standard colors. It was customized with the help of the DNA 11 designers.

Do you have a custom color combination in mind for a DNA portrait?

  • We’d love to hear from you…Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.
  • or get started and contact our art consultants to create your customized DNA portrait.
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DNADay_10_CMYK_cropped (1)

What is National DNA Day?

National DNA Day commemorates the successful completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the discovery of DNA’s double helix by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953. Typically DNA day is celebrated on April 25th which commentates the day is the actual day Crick and Watson discovered DNA’s double helix.  DNA Day is held each year to celebrate and raise awareness for students, teachers and the public to learn about the latest advances in genomic research and explore how genetics and genomics affect their lives.

The Nation Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) created a Facebook page to raise awareness of National DNA Day… Since DNA Day 2010 falls on Sunday, celebrations and discussions are on-going Friday April 23, 2010. You can join the conversation today on the DNA Day Facebook page.

In Celebration of DNA Day Get free shipping on the most personal form of genetic art.

  • Get you very own unique artwork based on your genetic code!
  • Use code DNAday10H to get free shipping.


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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and are you looking to find creative ways to celebrate your Mom? This year remember it’s the thought that counts!

How do you deal with finding a gift for the person who has everything? Or the Mom who says…” I don’t want gifts, just spend time with me”… We have all been in this situation before, but still want to buy her something special… so forget the generic staples that we turn to each year and buy your mom something more personalized that will last long past Mother’s Day!

Personalized Gifts for Mother’s Day can included:

  1. Fingerprint Portraits: These portraits are something that your Mom won’t
    mind having fingerprints on! Take your fingerprint or get the kid’s fingerprints
    and turn them into modern art for your walls.


  2. DNA Portraits or DNA Mini’s: This DNA portrait started a movement of
    personalized art. So why not give your Mom the most unique, personalized art
    you can get… It’s sure to be a great conversation piece for many years to come!
    Prices start at $199.


  3. A Kiss Portrait: Let your mom show her sense of style by creating her very
    own Kiss Portrait! With a Kiss Portrait her kiss is more than just a kiss.

    kiss portrait

Above are three personalized gift ideas for Mother’s Day, but what if you can’t decide on the specific portrait, you can always give them something to open and then let them make the decisions with our help.

Select the ‘gift’ option and we will send you a hinged metal presentation box. This gift tin includes, a DNA gift card, instructions, the collection kit and everything else they would need to get started with their very own personalized gift! Find out more about our personalized ‘gift’ option.

For even more flexibility you can also order gift certificates that can be put towards a portrait of her choice! You get 100% satisfaction guarantee – if they don’t love it you get all your money back and No expiry!

Your Mom deserves a personalized gift for Mother’s Day..

  • Get started on her personalized gift.
  • You can even surprise Mom with a finished canvas photo from one of her favorite family photo’s with Working with a personal designer you can create a canvas photo from any photo of your choice… even a Facebook™ photo or iPhone™ photo!
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No two people share the same fingerprint. Identical twins do not even have the same fingerprints, even though they share the same genetic DNA.

Fingerprints begin developing when ridges are formed on the outermost layer of skin, on your fingertips. The ridges form a pattern that is your unique fingerprint.

These ridges are developed during weeks 20 to 24 of gestation and will not changes as a person ages. Your fingerprint will change in size but the patterns the ridges that are formed will remain the same from infancy to adulthood.


The unique identifiers come from the varying number, and spacing of the ridges, even though everyone can be classified into three categories or patterns.

  • The Loop –   (65% of all people)
  • The Whorl – (30% of all people)
  • The Arch –   (   5% of all people)

Wondering what category or pattern you fit into?


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