The Art of Explosions
Posted in Art+Science by Adrian on March 4th, 2011
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What could be more scientific (and fun!) than blowing things up? London artist Alexandre Farto takes the science of explosions to the next level by creating some amazing precision explosive wall murals.

Boom goes the dynamite – murals made with precision explosives via Hack a Day

[Alexandre Farto] is known for some off the wall art displays, but his newest work takes the phrase literally. Using precisely placed explosive charges, he has been sculpting portraits and other murals on walls in various places around London.

The detail at which he is able to produce these images is incredible, considering he is blowing chunks of plaster and brick from walls to form them. We can only guess as to how much preparation time is required to finish even one of these images, let alone to amass the stunning portfolio he has put together.

The embedded video above is a collaboration between Farto and musician Orelha Negra and proves that science can be both fun and beautiful. Check out more of Farto’s work at


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