Think Different: DNA 11 featured in new book about Steve Jobs
Posted in book by Adrian on October 14th, 2010

The Innovation Secrets of Steve JobsAt DNA 11 we always try to do things a little differently, you might even say we think different.

So when author Carmine Gallo was looking for companies that followed the Steve Jobs mantra for the book he was writing about the Apple founder, DNA 11 was a natural fit.

DNA 11 is featured in Gallo’s latest book The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success which shares the Apple CEO’s most famous, original and effective strategies for sparking true creativity and innovation in any company.

From the beginning DNA 11 has tried to model itself as the Apple of the art world, a company that isn’t concerned with massive market share or generic, mass-produced products but with excellent products and happy customers.

Here’s a brief excerpt of the section on DNA 11 (Chapter 9):

Here is where the Apple ethos kicks in. Most of their start-up capital went to a professional photographer who captured portraits for the website. Salamunovic’s vision was to create the “Apple of the art world,” so before he does anything he asks himself, “What would Steve do?” And Jobs would not use stock photography.

DNA 11 invented DNA art not because it was something people were clamoring for but because we thought we would look cool in our living room. Similar to the way many people are with their Apple products, no one really knows they want something until suddenly you have an iPhone in your hand and can’t live without it.

DNA 11 was one of a handful of companies featured in the book including such brands as Zappos, Starbucks, Dyson and Google. Grab a copy of the book on Amazon.

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24 Responses to “Think Different: DNA 11 featured in new book about Steve Jobs”

  1. Terry says:

    It’s a shame that Darrin Grandmason from DNA Artistry was the TRUE PIONEER of DNA Art.

    The text below which was a reply by Adrian was removed although Newsweek still hold this on file.

    DNA 11 Responds to Newsweek
    In your Oct. 22 article “Making Art from Genetic Code,” you say a person by the name of Darrin Grandmason is the original inventor of DNA art. We have evidence that proves otherwise. It would be more accurate to say that DNA 11 is the first company to successfully market DNA art in the world. All the companies mentioned in that article came after us.

    DNA 11

  2. Tlovelocke says:

    You’re just a bunch of guys that picked on the wrong person!!!!!!

    Trust me. You can tweet all day and you can get stories written about you and you can get your art appearing in blogs all over the world.

    The stuff coming out soon is going to bring your company down to earth with a big bang.

    From stealing copyrighted images, from breaking laws with regards to import duty laws, from sending abuse to people via email and via LIVEPERSON, from lying about having your art on certain tv shows etc etc etc……………. It’s all coming out and with proof. With i.p addresses that prove where the emails were sent…………Even emails from you lying about things!

    Sandy Garnett was doing Fingerprint portraits before you….FACT! Darren Grandmason was doing DNA Art before you……….(although he went out of business)…..

    You might have some stuff coming out with new prodicts but trust me, this is going to ruin your day! The Internet will soon know what a sham your company is!

    And i cannot wait!

    I’m not angry, im the happiest ive been for a while. I have journalists waiting for my dossier of evidence…………. The DNA11 brand is going get dented! And you better get your lawyers ready…….. All the stuff is factual, all the stuff i have on file has been verified by TOP lawyers.

    You wanted to bully me? Very brave indeed sitting in Canada or L.A……… Now let’s see how you like it back!

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