Unique DNA Art Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List
Posted in DNA Ancestry, gift ideas by Courtney on December 6th, 2011
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Do you want to give truly personalized and unique gifts for the holidays? DNA 11 makes it fun and effortless. When you order a DNA Portrait, DNA Mini Portrait, Fingerprint Portrait, KISS Portrait or Ancestry Portrait as a gift, we’ll send you a slender gift kit with a DNA gift card, instructions, collection kit and everything else they need to get started.

DNA Portrait
Give the world’s most personalized art on canvas! They’ll be amazed at the transformation of their DNA into art and will love the limitless style, color and size options. It’s the perfect gift for individuals, couples and families who already have everything.


Fingerprint Portrait
No two people have the same thumbprint, so why have the same piece of art? Give a DNA 11 Fingerprint Portrait as a stunning testament to their individuality. Available in an almost limitless range of styles, colors and sizes, these tremendously unique portraits make bold art statements for anyone on your list.


Kiss Portrait
A kiss is more than just a kiss! With a DNA 11 KISS Portrait, her lips will become fine art. We’ll send you a collection kit to put under the tree, then she’ll capture her kiss and choose the combination of color, style and size that suits her personality and décor.



Ancestry Portrait
The perfect gift for an information addict or history buff, our Ancestry Portraits encode genetic lineage into one-of-a-kind canvas art. The recipient’s maternal lineage—dating back more than 20,000 years—will be unlocked and transformed into a scannable barcode that links to a personal ancestral page.

DNA Mini Portrait
A compact version of our larger works, the DNA Mini Portrait measures 8″x10″ (20 cm x 25 cm) and is a custom giclee print protected by a glare-resistant glass frame with stainless steel accents. It can easily be displayed on a shelf, desktop or wall, so it’s also perfect for corporate gifting.

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